You have to know how to swim (a minimum of 25 m). You have to wear your life-jacket.

Never come near watergate or barrage (upstream, the current could carry you, but below, the current could draw you up inside).

Don’t over estimate your abilities. For experience people, it’s possible to sail at 5 Km/h. For novice people at 2 or 3 Km/h.

Every person under 18 years is the responsibility of the adult who rented the canoe.



Hard-wearing supple shoes               Swimsuit or shorts                  T-shirt            Cap            Bottle of water



Respect of banks and nature :

You have to respect vegetation on the banks of the river. Vegetation protect from erosion (rushes, bushes, trees) and shelters a luxuriant life.

Move away from migrating areas, from nesting areas and from places where fishes lay their eggs. As far as possible, sail in the middle of the river and land only in places provided.


Respect of fishermen :

The river is not yours, please respect other users of river. Pass far from the fishing lines the most silently as possible. If its possible, move away from the banks and sail in the middle of the river.